The Connoisseur

Six Wine Stories

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    The Connoisseur Pack includes (each month):

     6 bottles

    (3 bottles each of 2 wines)

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    2x tasting admission UPS Standard Delivery

    This pack is perfect for couples!

  • Every three months, Six Wine stories will tell you six different and unusual stories from (mostly) small producers from Spain (usually) and also ship you the wines for you to enjoy. Each month you will receive two different wines. Each set of six wines will offer different flavours
    and styles, so over three months you will taste six types of wine.


    Six wine stories will be told over three months. Two of the stories will be told and two of the six wines will be sent out each month.

    What wines will I get?

    We will endeavour to select the very best value available. Generally the selections will be a mixture of 4 red and 2 white wines from several different regions of Spain. Each of the sets of six stories will have a loose theme which joins them together in some way. So, two months you will get red and white wines, and for one month, just reds.

    If I really like a certain wine, can I get some more?

    Each of the wines will be individually priced, so you can place orders for more wine. However, some of the wines will be subject to limited availability so we cannot guarantee further availability. 

    What happens if I don’t want the wine?

    Please let us know before the 1st of the month. We will ship out the wine around the 2nd of every month. If you don’t want the wine that month, just let us know by e-mail and we will not send it out and pause the payment for that month.

    What happens if I don’t like a wine?

    If there is a wine that you have tried and did not like, drop us a line and we’ll pick up the unused bottles and refund the bottles we pick up, although we will charge for the return transport.

    What happens if a wine is defective?

    If the wine is corked or otherwise spoiled, pop the cork back and we’ll come and pick the bottle up for no charge.

  • Packs are sent out using our Standard Shipping, and typically takes between 2-5 working days within the Barcelona area.

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