Wine + War

Our May to July 2016 selection of wines are all from the battlefields of 6 Spanish Wars.

The origin and authenticity that we look for in our wines is often expressed through historical names and titles that require a little bit of investigation to understand. When we started to look for six wines for this sixth group of wines, we started to find winemakers who told of relationships to historical events in Spain, either through family connections, historical buildings or locations. So we decided to attempt to tell the history of Spain through six wines. A completely impossible task, of course, as we're telling it from the point of view of six winemakers, not learned historians. The stories tell a history in reverse order, starting our with the little we know about Spain - that there was a civil war and General Franco won it - and from there, we go digging back into the past.

This Selection of stories tells of wars that happened on the Iberian Peninsula and have shaped the modern Spain that we know today.

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