About us

We're dedicated to finding quality, everyday drinking wines, with a soul.


The Team

Our buying team, Rob and Francis, have been in the wine trade for an accumulated 33 years, and every 3 months they explore bodegas across Spain with the ultimate aim of finding 6 excellent new wines to feature and showcase to our Wine Club and customers.

Whilst the buyers galavant across Spain, our colleague Andy keeps all the back office business in ship shape. He not only makes sure the palates of wine they send back are accounted for (tasting a few along the way of course), but with a wealth of business knowledge he makes sure we continue going in the right direction!


 We are different

So, what makes us different from all those other wine merchants out there, especially all those wine shops in Barcelona? 

We focus on wines that are worth talking about.

When you walk into a wine shop and see tens, or sometimes hundreds, of varieties of wines lining the walls, it can sometimes be intimidating: "Where do I start?!" you say to yourself. So we find a small selection of great wines, all with a story, helping to give it identity, because no two wines are the same.

We understand that you probably already know that. But take Albert here. Albert's a wine maker (which you probably already guessed) but did you know that Albert's family have been making wines and winning awards at the same estate for 16 generations? 16 generations!! And their wine is only €12, so who's to say only the pricey stuff has something to say.

And oh, does a wine taste so much better when you know about why the wine has even come to exist!

When you think that we love and appreciate good wines, and have been in the wine trade for as long as we have, then you can trust the excellence of what we find.


Where you can find us

When we're not touring the vineyards of Spain, we're based in the vibrant city of Barcelona!

But importantly, we're focussed on the wine stories rather than high street retail, but if you are looking to purchase wine, then our customer friendly website is the best place to do it. We're dedicated to providing exceptional customer care, so if you have any questions on the wine, you only have to ask.

And we're always active around the town!

The best thing to do is look up when the next tastings are and join us, or get in touch if you are after something specific, and we'll be happy to help out.